Our Equipment

The production line of any industrial plant requires certain unique tools and instruments that are specific to the products being manufactured in the plant.

However, locating and installing those tools and instruments is not always easy.

Often the plant owner is forced to hunt high and low, running between different suppliers due to a lack of information about who has the required equipment, and this frequently leads to equipment being purchased that is suboptimal and does not meet the owner’s requirements in full. YOS Machinery is here to help you avoid this kind of crisis and hassle, providing our customers with all the information they need, as well as comprehensive professional solutions for the necessary technical and manufacturing equipment.

How Does It Work?

The concept of “the perfect fit” is an integral part of our professional philosophy. In other words, we’re committed to ensuring that you get the right equipment to suit your manufacturing needs, enabling your plant to produce the highest quality products. So, when we meet and take down your list of requirements, we will help you to locate the right equipment and, if it’s not available, we’ll produce it for you, with specific adjustments in line with your needs.

Our extensive product range varies in accordance with customer needs. 

Our equipment includes:

Tanks: In various sizes and diameters, for a range of purposes – production tanks, heating tanks, storage tanks, vacuum tanks, steam tanks, pressure tanks. All tanks can be equipped with different stirrers for mixing all types of substances.

Dryers: Spray dryer, lyophilizer, drum dryer, paddle dryer.

Homogenizers: Rotor-stator homogenizer, piston homogenizer, inline homogenizer.

מכונות תעשייתיות - חדשות ומשומשות - yos machinery

Filling Machines & Sealing Machines: For production lines. New, used, refurbished, upgraded, and new automation machines as required.

Stirrers: Manufacture of all stirrer types, including special stirrers. Homogenizer stirrer, disk stirrer, paddle stirrer, anchor stirrer, spiral stirrer, spoon stirrer, propeller stirrer, cup stirrer.

Heat Exchanger Pipes: For cooling and/or heating products. Suitable for the production of juices, sauces, purees, spreads, etc.

Grinders: Colloid mills for making purees, grinders for smoothing, spice grinders, pharmaceutical industry grinders, stone grinders, pin grinders, hammer mills, and a wide variety of other grinders.

Mixers: Ribbon blender for mixing powders, liquids, meat, and more. Reversible mixers, and mixers with a bottom opening  for removing materials by screw conveyor.

Screw Conveyors: For conveying and feeding products. Produced on demand, in various lengths and diameters.

Filling Nozzles: Production of filling nozzles to upgrade filling machines, preventing drips on the production line.

Control & Electrical Panels: Custom-built panels with touch screens, upgrades to existing panels.

And many more products…

YOS Machinery is pioneering a new era of industrial equipment, as we constantly update our portfolio with all the latest innovations and technologies on the market in order to supply each and every customer with the most appropriate solution. We know all production line machinery inside and out, as well as how to create a comprehensive custom-made package of products and equipment to suit your needs.

Even after the equipment has been assembled, installed, and put to work in your plant, we are still available to help with all your questions and requests, and to train your staff on operating the equipment if needed. 

Contact us anytime – we’ll be happy to help.