Manufacturing Plant Equipment

Your peace of mind is our priority. At YOS Machinery, we are committed to repaying your trust in us by delivering the highest quality service from A to Z.

Custom-Made for Any Need

YOS Machinery manufactures and upgrades a wide range of plant equipment, both as part of our general stock and on demand, for special orders. Our catalog includes:

Tanks: In various sizes and diameters, for a range of purposes – production tanks, heating tanks, storage tanks, vacuum tanks, steam tanks, pressure tanks. All tanks can be equipped with different stirrers for mixing all types of substances.

Dryers: Spray dryer, lyophilizer, drum dryer, paddle dryer.

Homogenizers: Rotor-stator homogenizer, piston homogenizer, inline homogenizer.

Filling Machines & Sealing Machines: For production lines. New, used, refurbished, upgraded, and new automation machines as required.

Stirrers: Manufacture of all stirrer types, including special stirrers. Homogenizer stirrer, disk stirrer, paddle stirrer, anchor stirrer, spiral stirrer, spoon stirrer, propeller stirrer, cup stirrer.

Heat Exchanger Pipes: For cooling and/or heating products. Suitable for the production of juices, sauces, purees, spreads, etc.

Grinders: Colloid mills for making purees, grinders for smoothing, spice grinders, pharmaceutical industry grinders, stone grinders, pin grinders, hammer mills, and a wide variety of other grinders.

Mixers: Ribbon blender for mixing powders, liquids, meat, and more. Reversible mixers, and mixers with a bottom opening  for removing materials by screw conveyor.

Screw Conveyors: For conveying and feeding products. Produced on demand, in various lengths and diameters.

Filling Nozzles: Production of filling nozzles to upgrade filling machines, preventing drips on the production line.

Control & Electrical Panels: Custom-built panels with touch screens, upgrades to existing panels.

We’ve Got Everything You Need

A large cosmetics manufacturer once contacted us about designing a modern production line that would suit certain unique products. All the necessary equipment had to be produced by special order because, well, this was a very special order. After a detailed planning process, we got to work. The project was a huge success and we have even added more stations to the client’s production line in order to meet customer demand. Our clients’ success is our success – and we invite you to experience that success for yourself.

YOS Machinery listens to all of your specific needs. But that’s only the beginning. Whether you know exactly what you need and why you need to upgrade your equipment, or not, YOS Machinery knows how to produce the equipment that best suits your needs while also attending to efficient work processes and cost savings.

Contact us anytime – we’ll be happy to help.

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