Industrial Solutions

There are many companies active in the industrial equipment field, but only YOS Machinery focuses on providing customers with a truly comprehensive service solution, complete with all processing and packaging equipment, including:

  • Building production lines
  • Identifying and locating required equipment
  • Upgrading equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment on demand
  • Importing equipment (if not in stock)
  • Correcting suboptimal work processes within the plant
  • Relocating plants and providing transportation
  • Supplying electrical, automation, and control systems compatible with the purchased equipment
  • Assisting with the sale of existing equipment 

New / Refurbished / Custom-Made Equipment?

Any industrial plant interested in upgrading its operations and increasing its production volume would be wise to contact YOS Machinery. Our company primarily deals with used/refurbished equipment, manufacturing new equipment for industrial use, and supplying industrial manufacturing equipment for a wide range of fields. This includes manufacturing and supplying all the necessary equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, and other industries. We clearly explain to each customer the implications of purchasing and/or refurbishing equipment. Behind each piece of equipment stands an entire operational line, so we provide a full service package, ensuring that you, our customers, benefit from complete confidence and peace of mind whether you are purchasing new and/or upgraded and/or custom-made equipment. In every case, you will receive exactly what you need to suit every requirement, while saving on operating costs and streamlining work and production line processes.

Our Place

Our place is where we aim to inspire every customer who walks through the door. Got an idea? We have the best, efficient, cost-effective solution for your needs. In fact, we offer such a wide portfolio of options that you might find other optimal solutions to problems you didn’t even realize could be solved, for great added value. At YOS Machinery, we help everyone who dreams of upgrading their equipment, or even purchasing entirely new equipment. Here is where you can find every kind of item you can imagine, even if it’s not in stock anywhere.

When a plant owner who is interested in replacing or upgrading existing equipment, or is looking for new plant equipment, comes to us for advice on whether to opt for new or refurbished equipment, we help to sell the old equipment and then purchase the new/refurbished equipment as quickly as possible, in order to avoid interfering with set schedules and regular production line operations.

YOS Machinery collaborates with the finest experts to deliver a comprehensive solution that covers engineering, technology, manufacturing, maintenance management, and the purchase and sale of industrial equipment.

Contact us anytime – we’ll be happy to help.

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