Buying & Selling Equipment in Israel & Overseas

In order to offer customers the best comprehensive solution in the field of industrial equipment, suppliers and manufacturers must know the industry inside-out, combining extensive technical and professional expertise with in-depth understanding of the equipment buying and selling business.

YOS Machinery is the complete solution your plant needs.

YOS Machinery was created from extensive professional knowledge stemming from several decades of experience in industrial equipment for various business sectors. We provide our customers with a complete solution for every aspect of adjusting equipment to plant requirements, as well as assisting in the purchase and/or sale of equipment, in Israel or overseas.


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How does it work?

Even before you get in touch with us, we are constantly working to locate manufacturing and packaging equipment, with a view to purchasing new and/or secondhand equipment for our store. This means that we always have a well-stocked inventory of the most common industrial equipment, so you can immediately purchase whatever you need on the spot.



This is where our professional experience and knowledge comes in. When it comes to buying and selling industrial equipment, another important service is assistance with selling your old, used equipment and purchasing a replacement. It goes like this:

Once we have confirmed with you which tools/equipment need to be replaced and/or upgraded, we evaluate the condition of the existing equipment in terms of its appearance, the quality of its parts, and its operation. This tells us whether or not the equipment can be sold. If the equipment is in good working order, it is priced in accordance with market demand and rates. We then perform the sale on your behalf, with complete transparency, and even take care of locating the required replacement, saving considerably on project costs.

As YOS Machinery is a professional company built on specialist expertise and extensive experience, we ensure that each customer receives exactly the right service. Buying and selling industrial equipment requires exactly this professional knowledge – we know how to find the right tool or equipment to serve your needs, in Israel or overseas. Whether you want to produce hummus, dietary supplements, or paint, we can locate your required equipment, either fresh out of the box or secondhand (after passing our inspection), purchase it, and, if necessary, trade in the old equipment in exchange.

Having experienced professionals deal with buying and selling equipment on your behalf gives you complete peace of mind and confidence that your interests are being protected. We know all the fair market prices, have the right connections, and wield significant bargaining power with traders. We believe that anyone who wants to upgrade a plant or production line should be able to do so in the easiest, most convenient way – and that’s exactly why we’re here.

Contact us anytime – we’ll be happy to help.

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